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Developed to minimize waste, both in the compact form of use and in the reuse of production surpluses, which are transformed into new portfolios. You can keep up to 8 well-accommodated cards, note$ and documents such as CNH.


Designed for your daily life, the ABA wallet fits in the most diverse pockets and purses. It is made of a resistant material based on vegetable fiber impregnated with latex, and can even be washed without loss of quality. Its design takes into account the essentials of a daily routine, combining practicality and lightness, in addition to making you rethink its uses, and can be disassembled, assembled, adjusted and adapted for other functions (check our instagram!).


Features: Practical, Compact, Washable and Resistant


9.8 cm x 6.8 cm (Assembled)

27 cm x 22  cm (Disassembled)


Color: Wine

    Kraft-Tex / Texon Vogue / Washable Kraft Paper / Slim Leather Paper


    Practical, Compact, Washable and Resistant

  • SIZE

    9.8 cm x 6.8 cm (Assembled)

    27 cm x 22  cm (Disassembled)

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